Craig Wetjen

Moving to Australia 24 years ago from his homeland of the USA and out of his comfort zone, Craig Wetjen immersed himself into the world of photography here in Australia. 

He started his career photographing sports for his local newspapers in Connecticut, USA 34 years ago. One of his biggest career highlights was working for NASA  as a photographer and receiving his degree in photography. Moving to Australia in 1996 he introduced one of Australia’s first digital photography subjects in a university at RMIT. The dawn of digital photography in 1996 was far different then the photography we know it is today. 

Craig has won countless awards around the world in his 33 years in the photography industry, but one thing remains a constant and that is learning from every one of your images. Whether your photograph is awarded with an award, or it is the final photograph you delivered for a client, you will always take something away.

Amongst being a photographer he is an accomplished author, publishing a bestselling book in 2016 titled ‘Men and Their Sheds’. Craig’s book has been featured on several television shows from Channel 10’s The Project to Channel 9GO! Manspace TV. His book serves as a self-reminder of how important it is to look after yourself and your mental and physical wellbeing.  It is through his photography and his book that Craig highlights the importance of men’s health and what a shed and photography can do for someone mental health.

Craig has a great passion for not only the captured image but the many facets that go in to creating an image. Craig is dedicated to creativity, superior quality, exceptional service and an enjoyable experience in capturing someones personality, with natural expressions along with being an educator and mentor in the craft of photography.

Call Craig on 0419 569 519 or email and he will answer any questions you might have.

Craig Wetjen