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Men and Their Sheds recently featured on Channel 10’s The Project, Shedding light on Man Caves
In 2015 Men and Their Sheds was featured on channel 9’s GO! in the TV series Manspace TV.
Men and Their Sheds is now on sale across Australia and Internationally.
“Because a man’s place isn’t in the home” but in the shed!

There is very private relationship between a man and his shed. For a man’s shed, however uninviting, is a place to shelter not just from the rain but also from the ups and downs of daily life.
It is a place to daydream, perchance to snooze.
It is escapism from the grind of what might loosely be called life.
It is sanctuary.

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To produce and publish a documentary book of photographic portraits and stories about men and women of all ages within their homes. As a photographer, Craig’s expertise in capturing the moment will be married with short stories telling of the lives of a range of men and women that are living with Dementia. It is anticipated that the stories will be audio recorded then transcribed to written excerpts that will be published with individual’s photographs.
Photos of the individual with something that has great importance to them that also sparks memories.
Photos of them being active as well as part of showcasing that people living with Dementia also live active lives within their own communities.
The emphasis of this project is to highlight and raise awareness that Dementia has no look and has no age or demographic boundaries.
The positive effects of connection with friends, family and the community along with memories The aim of the project is to raise community awareness of Dementia through the art of photography and tell the stories of men and women living with Dementia.
As a culmination of the project Craig aims to produce a gallery exhibition to showcase the photographic artwork of which will be contribute to raising positive community awareness surrounding Dementia.

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Photographer and best selling author Craig Wetjen published the book Men and Their Sheds in August 2016. Craig is now looking for artisans and craftspeople who continue to keep trades of the past alive. Men and women alike who demonstrate their skills and share their knowledge through their craft. Craig is looking for 100 individual armourers, chair makers, coopers, blacksmiths, leatherworkers, silversmiths, stonemasons and the list goes on to photograph and collect some history about the individual and the craft for which they have mastered.

Contact me if you are interested in participating in this historical publication.

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Craig Wetjen and Steve Scalone teamed up to create this one day event, and based on its Melbourne success, they hope to take it to all the major cities across Australia. Craig and Steve share many commonalities in photography. They both have credentials that set them apart in the educational field of photography. To read more about Craig and Steve visit their websites. www.craigwetjen.com.au and www.stevescalone.com 

Visit Project Street website for more info